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Can I book both Crispie and Crispie Lodge at the same time?
I am afraid not. Crispie books from Saturday at 4.00 pm to the following Saturday at 10.00 am and Crispie Lodge books from Friday at 4.00 pm to the following Friday at 10.00 am. As well as that neither house is designed to cope with 24 people in it!

Can I bring my pet?
Unfortunately we can’t accomodate pets at Crispie Lodge but dogs are welcome at Crispie House- up to 2 dogs you don’t need to ask - for more than that please talk to us.

Is the private road to the properties suitable for ordinary cars? Yes it is. The last 2½ miles are on a private road. This road is quite rough in places and you do need to go carefully. My MG Midget negotiates the road perfectly happily. Just go at a sensible pace and if you have the choice of bringing your Ferrari or your Range Rover go for the Range Rover!

How long does it take to get there? If you use the ferry from Gourock it takes about half an hour from Glasgow Airport to the ferry. The ferry takes a little under half an hour and it should take you about an hour or slightly less from the Dunoon side of the ferry to Crispie. If you go by the road the whole way it takes roughly the same time.

How far away are Crispie and Crispie Lodge from each other? They are in two adjacent bays beside Loch Fyne. As the crow flies they are less than half a mile apart. Neither house can be seen by the other.

Can I book for a long weekend only? We are often asked this. If we book either house for a long weekend we are losing the ability to let two weeks. If you want to book for two weeks and pay for them then of course it is okay to only use part of the time. If you want to have a long weekend and pay for less than a week then we would only do that near to the date of the time you want to come. Within a month of your desired arrival you are welcome to ask and if we can help we will - otherwise no.

Is there broadband internet access? Yes, there is. It is fast rather than superfast because it comes via satellite but should be fine for most things.

Are there nice places to eat nearby? There are plenty. If you wanted to eat out every day of a week’s holiday at a different place you could easily do that. Sophie and Andy can give you guidance when you arrive. My personal favourites are the Burnside Bistro in Tighnabruaich and the Kilberry Inn - the latter is a bit of a trek but a lovely lunch stop on a tour of Kintyre with stupendous views of Jura.

Can I bring my own boat?
Yes, you can. If you do so it is at your own risk but quite a few people do so. If you have a small boat just bring it. If you have a large boat (or want to arrive by sea!) talk to us and we can help you.

My children like playing with play stations and are scared to go outside, my daughter has such a complex hairdo that she can never get it wet, I don’t like walking and my husband hates peace and quiet. Is Crispie the right place for me? No.

How near are the nearest people?
Crispie and Crispie Lodge are about half a mile apart in separate bays. The manager’s cottage is between the two. None of the houses can see each other. Otherwise the nearest people are about a mile away. We are at the end of a private road - so nobody should drive through.

Are there good places to visit for day trips?
Loads. Sophie and Andy will be very happy to give you guidance when you are there but a random selection would be - touring Kintyre by car or bike, Inveraray (about an hour), Tarbert (directly across the Loch), The Crinan Canal (about 90 minutes), Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute (about an hour and a quarter).

Can I really use the boat?
Yes you can. We permit you to designate up to two people between the ages of 18 and 70 in your party who you believe are competent to use the boat. The designated people have to be able to demonstrate that they have sufficient competence to use the boat. This means that they MUST have an RYA Level Two Powerboat (with “Coastal” not just “Inland” endorsement) or a higher qualification (if you think you have another qualification which is appropriate you must check with us - do not assume it will be suitable). The designated person or people will need to bring their certificate with them.

Use of the boat is free and it is not an integral part of your holiday. Use of the boat is, of course, also subject to the weather being suitable.

We will show the designated person or people the boat and its equipment when they arrive and advise them on the areas we would recommend they stay within. The boat is intended for use near Crispie not for long trips. If people who are designated to use act like twits (e.g. go out in a storm, or in the dark or on their own or don’t wear lifejackets) we reserve the right to take the boat key from them

What happens if something goes wrong while I am there? Hopefully nothing will but if it does Sophie and Andy are there to help.

Where is the nearest doctor’s surgery? In Tighnabruaich - about 20 minutes drive.

Can my children play on their bikes?
Yes. The road is private and you are at the end of it. We still recommend helmets though and that an adult is somewhere nearby.

How warm is the pool at Crispie?
We aim to keep it at 28°C (82°F). The hot tub at Crispie Lodge is kept at about 36°C.

My Grandma is a bit unsteady on her feet - how suitable will the house be for her? There is a ramp access to Crispie Lodge, a downstairs bedroom and bathroom and she would not need to climb stairs at all. You need to go up a single step into Crispie House. There is a downstairs bedroom and bathroom and there are no steps in the main living area. There is a flight of about 8 steps (no hand-rail) to the games room and pool.

Why do you ask for a Damages Deposit and will I get it back?
We want to give you your Damages Deposit back in full. There is a lot of expensive stuff at both Crispie and Crispie Lodge and we need to protect ourselves against damage to this. We do not make any deductions for small breakages and I would say a deduction is made about once a year. If people try to hide damage we are less forgiving than if they let us know.

Are lifejackets supplied? We provide a good selection but if you would like to bring your own then please do. If somebody is over 14.5 stone (70 to 90 kg) we will not have a lifejacket for them and without a lifejacket they cannot go in the boat.

How many people can each house take?
Crispie House can take 16 people - all in proper comfy beds and up to 2 babies under 2 in cots. Crispie Lodge can take up to 8 people (all in comfy beds again) or 7 plus a baby in a cot. We take this seriously so please, please do not exceed these numbers at any time. These houses are our family homes and unfortunately when they are overloaded things tend to get damaged and broken.

Are there any hidden charges? No there are not. We know how annoying it is when there are. Your rental payment includes all linen and towels, normal cleaning, electricity and logs. We also give you a tank of petrol for the boat - you might find that does you for the week or you might need to buy a bit more at Portavadie Marina if you use the boat a lot.

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